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About "El Toro" the Mechanical Bull
The Bull Made Famous in the Movie "Urban Cowboy"

Did you know..?
During the filming of "Urban Cowboy" a stunt double was scheduled to perform in place of John Travolta for all bull rides. But John began riding the bull and mastered it so well that he performed all of the mechanical bull rides himself throughout the movie!

Our bull is not a cheap imitation but the real patented "El Toro" that actual rodeo riders have used for years to train. It is used to train riders the "right way" to ride and shortens their learning by months - not to mention the saving on the high cost of live training stock.

Our bull is a heavy-duty machine with a strong 3 horsepower motor capable of delivering spins and bucks in a very realistic manner. The variable bucking speeds can range from slow to "you better hold on tight"!.

"El Toro" can be used in just about any environment and requires an open space of at least 17 feet square (17' x 17').


Every "El Toro" rental from Bull Riders, Inc. is accompanied by a fully certified operator ensuring a fun and safe ride for all. We carry full liability insurance and will provide insurance waivers on all rentals. In over 21 years we have never experienced an incident with a rider. Contact us today for more information or to schedule "El Toro" for your event!

visit eltoromanufacturingcompany.com

Bull Riders, Inc. is a family owned and operated business with over 21 years of excellent service to our many customers. We are fully insured and our operators are fully Certified by the El Toro manufacturer.

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